Past Competition Winners

‘The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab’ eBook Front Cover Drawing Competition Winners (9th March to 9th May 2020)

1st Prize – £1,000

Neil, Philippines

2nd Prize – £250

Ayush, India

3rd Prize – £250

Kellie, United Kingdom

‘The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab’ Writing Competition Winners

Luis D., Argentina
Ahmed’s story is incredible tragic yet impressive, in how a person succeeded in life to be imprisoned against his own will, although any chains wouldn’t contain his will to live and be free once again yet residing in another country without physical contact with his family and friends to express his emotions.

Chris A.
It is no surprise to me to see such a man like Ahmed succeed. A person with endless passion for life will always be triumphant in dealings with envious people. All the pain inflicted on him was no match for his mindset of growth. Thank you Ahmed, for bringing this terrible situation to light. Your actions will ensure that no one else will endure injustice as you have. You are now a beacon for many.
The world will not forget.

B L.
The horrors Ahmed recounted here paints a picture of a grand travesty of justice administered in a tyrannical Kuwait. The lack of habeas corpus (due process) in the Kuwait only ruins the lives of the innocent accused there. Ahmed should remain and thrive in Britain, a freer land whose courts administers justice to protect society, not advance a politician’s political goal.