Ideas & Works

Some of the ideas and works of Ahmed Dahab

Just as the artist admires his painting and the musician his composition, Ahmed is immensely proud of his ability for Innovation in business, against any odds and unjustness and adversity, and to achieve high returns for his investors. Amazingly, his huge body of investors remain loyal and have utmost faith in Ahmed, having lobbied on his behalf.

They know he will turn an idea into a profit-making venture in a short time period of time.

​Here are some of his works

Damascus Magic
Relax Beauty & Massage is a privately owned and managed business, with a modern ethos and innovative approach to Beauty and Massage Therapy

Fast Mart

Large grocery store which sells a wide variety of food, fresh organic vegetables and high end brands of household products
Oxford Kids Nursery
Specialized in early childhood or kindergarten education. Each classroom pairs a teacher with an experienced assistant teacher
Le Francais
inclusive beauty salon focusing on the unique needs and desires of our guests, making us the most versatile salon: providing professional service, experience and results above and beyond expectations!
Sharq W Jibla Restaurant
If you really want to taste Kuwaiti cuisine at its best, this is the place to go. Some of the best local dishes with a traditional ambiance
2Busy Investment
12 Great investment opportunities
Business Management
Training diploma courses in commercial articles
Business Administrator
Between knowledge & understanding
Investment in Real Estate
For those who want to be investors in Real Estate with the lowest amonut of money !