The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab Twitter Competition

Win £250!

Win £250!

Ahmed Dahab created his first business before he was 20 and made his first million pounds by 2011. Born in Sudan before moving to Kuwait at a very early age, Dahab had a head for business that saw him go on to become a highly successful businessman and entrepreneur.

In 2016, after investigating for only 30 minutes, an officer from the State Security Service declared that Dahab’s company was involved in money laundering. The events that followed showed a troubling pattern of injustice, wrongful imprisonment, and physical and mental torture.

To raise awareness of this terrible miscarriage of justice, Dahab is running a monthly competition that invites entrants to leave a comment sharing their own thoughts on his story by posting a Tweet using hashtag #JusticeForAhmed. The writers of the four best comments will each win £250.

Please Note: To make this competition as accessible to all as possible, Dahab has prepared a synopsis of ‘The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab’ which surmises the contents of the eBook (think of it like an extended blurb that would appear on the back of a book). Reading this synopsis is highly recommended to increase submission accuracy and the chance of winning!

The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab

A determined businessman who had made his first million pounds by the age of 33. A Public Prosecutor equally determined to throw this honest man in jail without a fair trial.

The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab tells a story so shocking, so full of injustice, it seems entirely unbelievable. It’s also completely true.

Early Life

Born in Sudan in the late 1970s before moving to Kuwait as a small child, Ahmed Dahab quickly learned the meaning of the word prejudice; as a foreigner, he was not offered a place in any of the Kuwaiti universities. However, undeterred, he decided to focus all of his intelligence and energy into starting and running his own business.

When he was just 19, Dahab had a business that involved buying computer parts, assembling them and selling them. Later, he established another business, this time in the training and education industry. This training and consultancy company enjoyed great success; two of the trainees even offered Dahab a partnership, which he gladly accepted.

His First Million Pounds

In one year, he had established several laundries, restaurants, beauty salons and a nursery, making his first million pounds in 2011. Expansion followed, with the establishment of supermarkets and large restaurants… but this would prove to be just the tip of the iceberg. Ahmed Dahab was about to go international.

After dabbling with real estate in Dubai despite heavy restrictions, Dahab headed to Turkey to begin a giant real estate project that would fulfil his vision of high ROI for his investors. This new mega project was called Neighbourhood City and promised to create thousands of apartments. The success that followed was unprecedented, with over £60,000,000 worth of apartments sold in the first four months alone. It was a time that called for celebration… but not everyone was happy for Ahmed Dahab and wished him well.

The Investigation

In July 2016, after investigating for only 30 minutes, an officer from the State Security Service declared that Dahab’s company was involved in money laundering. Travels bans against Dahab and his employees were made, and a pre-planned negative media campaign was launched.

The Public Prosecutor clearly wanted Dahab’s investors to make a group complaint, so he could back up his fabricated accusations of money laundering and fraud. The end goal? To terminate Dahab’s business and jail him.

In October 2016, while on a business trip in Dubai, Ahmed Dahab was arrested and taken into police custody for money laundering and terrorist funding. Later that same month, the biggest police raid in Kuwait’s history took place against his company (while he was still in custody). Employees were made to face the wall for over six hours.

His Arrest

In November 2016, returning to Kuwait of his own volition – and determined to clear his name – Ahmed Dahab was arrested and kept in custody for weeks. His cell inside the State Security Service prison was inhumane; a hole in the floor to be used as a toilet and a concrete bed with a urine-soaked blanket on it were his only amenities. Strong neon lights were kept on 24 hours a day to stop him sleeping.

Interrogations followed; long, blindfolded walks where Dahab didn’t know what was going to happen next. He was taunted and insulted. Death threats were made. Questions were asked, but the interrogators didn’t want the truth; they wanted Dahab to repeat the answers they gave him.

Making Bail

Eventually, Dahab was granted bail and quickly set about the task of drawing up a plan to pay back all of his investors, despite the Public Prosecutor’s attempts to stop him. Yet he was soon accused of fraud, based on a fake complaint coerced from an elderly woman, and found himself back in the SSS cell in November 2016.

Dahab and his fellow prisoners slept in shifts; there weren’t enough beds. One of the wards had over 70 people sharing two toilet holes. Prisoners were woken daily at 4am. Most prisoners were interrogated once a month, but Dahab was interrogated every single day. When he would be returned to his cell in the evening, exhausted, there would be no food for him to eat.

A Cruel Pattern of Injustice

Bail would be granted. Dahab would be released. Then he would be arrested and put back in jail. This cruel pattern of injustice continued for many months. New charges were added. Dahab’s case was continually delayed.

In January 2018, Ahmed Dahab was found not guilty of fraud and money laundering. Yet later that same month, an international arrest warrant was issued by the Public Prosecutor. Dahab’s lawyer and his assistants were jailed for six months. An appeal verdict later declared the maximum penalty of 10 years in jail for Ahmed Dahab.

His Story Continues

Now living in the UK as a successful businessman, Ahmed Dahab cannot return to his home. He was attacked relentlessly by a corrupt justice system, but he refused to break. The fact that he continues to achieve great business success is a testament to the resilience of the human spirit.


  • Four winners will be selected each month, with each winner receiving £250

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