Ahmed Dahab

Have you ever felt frustrated at not being able to fulfil your business ideas because you do not have the necessary qualifications or ability to produce a comprehensive business plan or have been rejected by the banks?

The good news is, that, we are available to guide and assist you to achieve your goals or aims..

We will be able to help you to mould your business ideas into a viable business proposition. We can also provide you with assistance and support in attracting the much needed start up capital by introducing interested partners or investors.


Ahmed Dahab specialises in innovation – taking concepts and turning them into viable business opportunities to assist pioneers in business entrepreneurship. Dahab also has the capability to improve on existing ideas or create new ones to generate revenue streams, making him an invaluable asset. Further useful services in innovation he offers include bringing in funding, studying feasibility and helping with successful implementation.

Ideas & Works

The ideas and work of Ahmed Dahab revolve around innovation in business, working in contrast to adversity against all odds. Dahab is known for his ability to transform ideas into realities in a short space of time, with profit generation as the key outcome of each venture. Ventures of note include working with a large high-end grocery store, an inclusive beauty salon, a fine dining restaurant, and a specialist children’s nursery.


Ahmed Dahab’s consultancy service initially began in 2004, when he first took his personal experience in business success out into the world with a view to assist others. Over more than 15 years, Ahmed Dahab has been working with many companies across a variety of sectors, to deliver the required help in strategy development that ensures businesses remain competitive when responding to transitions within the industry.

The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab

The Unjust Imprisonment and Persecution of an Honest Businessman in Kuwait

From a very young age it was clear Ahmed Dahab had a head for business. Born in Sudan in 1978 and moving to Kuwait in 1983, he created his first business before he was 20 and made his first million pounds by 2011. Even greater success followed, but little did Dahab know that the ‘big boys’ of Kuwait were watching him from the shadows… Imprisoned without cause in 2016 – and denied bail and due process – it would take all of his resolve and perseverance to overcome his greatest challenge yet.
The Trials and Tribulations of Ahmed Dahab

Economic Activist

You may have heard of the term political activist, human rights activist, or you might have even heard the term social activist; but the term “economic activist” is not commonly used, if at all. This is a term which accurately describes Ahmed Dahab.

His 22-year commercial journey is one full of success, accomplishments and great achievements, as well as great adversity – a journey which distinguishes him from many who have reached the very top of business.

For years, Ahmed Dahab, a Sudanese national who made his home in Kuwait as a young boy, has been successful in the business world. His career has flourished not just because of his ability to create great business ideas and profits for his loyal investors, in incredibly short periods of time, but to do so in the unjust business environment found in Kuwait.

An environment that continues to treat him and his compatriots as fifth-class citizens. Despite having the odds stacked against him he has fiercely fought against the injustice, the media ridicule and the might of the judicial and popular powers, trying to destroy him and his organization three times during his business career.

Each time they sought to bury him, he fought back and rose again to achieve a new success in a new field with a fresh strategy. His deep-felt belief is that innovation and endeavour can never be defeated.

His experiences, suffered at the hands of an unfair media and judicial puppets, have strengthened his resolve to reach out to fellow innovators and entrepreneurs, particularly in the Arab world, who operate on uneven playing fields. His fourth rising will be created by freely sharing his experiences and inventions with those suffering from economic repression, the greediness of traders/business royalty and the unjust laws that are used by those in power – those who want to monopolize the money, restrict it among themselves while leaving the others to feed on their waste and remains.

It is out of this experience that gave birth to the term “economic activist”, perhaps a pioneer in investing his experiences to serve those who have, and are, suffering similar obstacles and to enforce his strongly-held belief that the nucleus of a prosperous economy is the provision of equal opportunities between all competitors and the fair and even environment for them to operate in.

Therefore, Ahmed Dahab wishes to share all of his marketing, administrative, financial and technical expertise to support you in establishing and developing your projects. He provides free consultations, ideas for successful projects, assisting in feasibility studies, work plans, and even the difficult art of capital fundraising.

Ahmed Dahab spends much of his time providing free consultations and training courses in commercial and administrative sciences. He is also ready to support the case of every businessman who has been oppressed by the powerful greedy traders and the political and economic forces at play in Arab countries; and to provide legal and media guidance assistance via his experience and contacts.